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Soft Winter Pet Sleep Mat

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Extremely warm soft pet blanket & mat!

Suitable for dogs, cats, puppies & kittens!

Comes in a range of sizes & colours to suit all breeds!

Great blanket to protect furniture and keep your pet cozy!

Ultra Comfort:

Tested - materials are safe for pets to use
Warm blanket
Suitable for all seasons
Perfect for winter
100% double-sided velvet fabrics
Well made blanket by ultra-soft plush material


Built to last
Created with comfort and style in mind
Ultra soft
Keeps fur off the floor, furniture & car
Machine washable
Ideal for travel and nap time

About Ultra Thick Warm Pet Blanket:

This mat is perfect for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens because it is so cute and warm! During the winter especially, the weather can be so unforgiving! When we go to sleep, we have a beautiful, soft, warm, and comfortable bed with cosy blankets every night so why shouldn't our dogs/cats be comfortable too?

We sleep best when we are warm and so do our pets! These super soft and fashionable blankets are designed specifically for our furry friends! Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, these blankets are perfect for dog and cat beds. They are even useful for other places like the car, the couch and the floor.

Aside from these being some of the coolest blankets for pets around, these are super beneficial to you as well as your dog or cat! These blankets are so great because they are completely reversible and you have the option of choosing what side you want to use!

These blankets are perfect for indoors and have a super soft and warm inside! One of the best parts- If it happens to get a little dirty, simply throw it in the washing machine with your normal clothes and you'll have a clean blanket that's as good as new every time!

These blankets are suited to all breeds of dogs or cats. We have this blanket in 4 different sizes and 6 different patterns so you can choose which one will fit your dog/cat best based on size and personality!


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