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Bungee Dog Leash/Lead - Anti Shock & Reflective

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Highly Visible shock resistant and anti pull dog lead!

Reduces stress to the dogs spine and helps save the owners energy!

Great for pulling dog breeds and a safer alternative to chains!


Shockproof to help eliminate sense of pulling

Bungee materials make a stretchy dog leash that helps reduce pain on owner's and dog's spine

Reflective stitching keeps you safe by making sure you are seen in the night time

Soft and padded handle makes for ultimate comfort on your hand

Metal quick clip with 360 degree rotation reduces tangle

Suitable for all breeds of dogs - especially strong and large dogs

Convenience & Comfort:

Free training clicker

Sponge padded handle

Easy quick clip

Reflective stitching for extra safety and visibility in night time

Made to last

Length: 120cm

Stretch Length: 190cm

Width: 2.5cm

About Anti Pull Dog Lead:

This bungee lead is one of the best alternatives to pinch/choke chains because it does not cause any short or long term pain to your pet.

Using an anti shock leash like this one is a suitable method to train your dog safely. The stretch leash makes sure that your pet's spine is not injured. It also prevents both the owner's and dog's back from twisting and combats stress.

We made this reflective lead from high quality and strong nylon to ensure that it will last you for a long time. The lead and metals are also water resistant and tough so you don't have to worry about walking outside or in the rain. The stainless steel quick clip won't rust and will benefit you and your pet for years.

The leash has reflective stitching so you and your dog are more visible and safe during night walks. Our shock reducing stretch lead is very comfortable for the dog as well as the owner.

The anti pull technology prevents pain and the sponge handle makes sure that the lead is soft in your hand! We want you and your dog to be relaxed and enjoy your walks together so we made the best leash to prevent pulling!


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