Personalised Reflective Collars
Personalised Reflective Collar With Dog
Custom Reflective Collar With Dog
Name and number engraved night Collar with dog
Personalised Reflective Collar black with writing
Personalised Reflective Collar with buckle
Custom Reflective Collar reflective stitching
Personalised Reflective Collar hook d ring
Custom engraved dog collar sizing guide
Personalised Reflective Collar blue with writing
Personalised Reflective Collar Blue
Personalised Reflective Collar Rose red pink
Personalised Reflective Collar black
Personalised Reflective Collar green

Reflective Custom Collar

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Order now and save 50%! FREE engraving & FREE shipping for your first order!

Unique pet collar!

Reflective safety night stitching!

Easy to read engraving on the buckle!

Less likely to wear out!

Ultra Comfort:

Soft Leather made from smooth materials
Your cuddly friend is safe from irritation
Tested - materials are safe for pets to use
Adjustable collar for custom fit

Custom Made:

Free name + number laser engraving
Clear, concise, and permanent engraving
Easy to recognise the collar in a crowded area
Increases the chances of finding your friend if their is an ID engraved
Can engrave either name, number, or both


Built to last
Created with comfort and style in mind
Metal tag is rust and fade resistant
Night reflective for safety in the dark
Great for night walks
Available in black, green, blue, and pink for added personality!

Sizing Info:

Measure your pet before you order.

Please make sure you order in the correct size.

Please leave 2 fingers between dog's skin and collar for relaxed fit.

Reflective engraved dog collar sizing guide

About Personalised Reflective Collar:

This is absolutely perfect for dogs and owners that are active. We designed this collar to be convenient for you! These personalised collars work perfectly for trips to the park, outdoor areas, and night walks. We can neatly and clearly engrave this reflective collar with your information. The writing will be on the metal buckle so you don't have to worry about installing a tag. We recommend you leave us with your dog's name and your (owner's) phone number so incase your dog gets lost, someone can see the collar and call you ASAP. This way your dog will be safe and the likelihood of them staying lost for a long time is very low. The construction of these engraved collars are great! The nylon and the metal buckle is 100% waterproof and heavy duty so you don't have to worry about bad weather or your dog playing a little rough. These custom collars are strong. The stitching of each collar is reflective so your dog can be highly visible and keep safe during the night time. These personalised collars are also comfortable and light so your dog can wear it happily!


Due to extremely high demand, shipping will be delayed by 8-12 days. Please allow 14-25 days for the package to arrive at your door.

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