Genuine black brown metal rivets dog collar
100% real leather studded dog collar
Genuine Leather Spike Dog Collar brown and black
Rivet pet collar
Genuine Leather Rivet Dog Collar Sizing Guide
Thick leather rivet dog collar
Genuine leather brown spike collar
Genuine Leather Stud Dog Collar features
Genuine Leather Stud Dog Collar buckle
Genuine Leather Stud Dog Collar front and back
Thick leather collar
Genuine Leather Stud Dog Collar brown
Genuine Leather Stud Dog Collar black

Leather Stud Dog Collar

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Spike black/brown genuine leather collar!

Suitable for all seasons!

Adjustable & fashionable!

Attractive rivet on leather design!

Collar is easy to recognise in crowded areas!

Ultra Comfort:

Soft genuine leather
Dog is safe from irritation
Tested- materials are safe for pets to use
Adjustable collar buckle for custom fit


High fashion collar metal studs
Black & brown colours
Luxury metal on leather


Built to last
100% genuine leather material for extremely high quality
Created with comfort and style in mind
Metal studs & buckle is rust and fade resistant
Available in a range of different sizes for the best fit

Sizing Info:

Measure your pet before you order.

Please make sure you order in the correct size.

Please leave 2 fingers between dog's skin and collar for relaxed fit.

Genuine leather rivet dog collar sizing

About Genuine Leather Stud Dog Collar:

This is one of the coolest dog collars to date. The attractive rivets can make any dog look like a genuine badass. It's also made out of genuine leather!

This dog collar is very attractive and detailed. The cool spikes/studs are made with heavy duty, durable metal. The black or brown leather of extreme high quality, thick, and strong. The collar was definitely designed to last for a very long time. Your dog can use this collar outdoors every single day without having scuffs or tears appearing!

This attractive and stylish collar is available in 4 different sizes so it will fit many breeds nicely. It is also available in black or brown so you can decide which is most appealing to you and what collar suits your dog best!

Each collar is also very comfortable and soft. The fact that they are easily adjustable ensures a perfect fit for your pet! The inside layer is also very smooth so you don't have to worry about irritation and your dog can wear this stylish collar with confidence!


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