Foldable Soft Dog Travel Bed
Foldable Soft Dog Travel Bed roll up bundle
Roll up travel dog mat with dog and size
Green roll up dog bed
Portable Soft Dog Travel Bed
Foldable Soft Dog Travel Bed buttons
Foldable Soft Dog Travel Bed stitching
Foldable Soft Dog Travel Bed handle
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Foldable Soft Dog Travel Bed roll up bundle green
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Foldable Soft Dog Travel Bed

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Ultra convenient pet cushion mat!

Can fold for easy travel!

Extremely soft materials so your pet is kept warm & comfortable!

Large size is useful for all dogs/cats!

Ultra Comfort:

Soft leather polyester
Tested - materials are safe for pets to use
Large bed keeps your pet warm


Easy fold up
Hassle-free travelling with pets
Can be packed into a small space
Easy carry handle
Great to take outdoors, overseas, on holidays & camping!


Built to last
Created with comfort and style in mind
Professionally designed
Softest materials
Folds out to a large cushion mat


About Foldable Travel Bed:

This is the ultimate dog bed for convenience, function, and comfort! This foldable mat is suitable for most dog breeds and is a perfect portable but still roomy size. The bed measures 65cm by 100cm and can be rolled up into an ultra compact bundle.

Thanks to the close buttons and direction creases, it's super easy to roll up too! The handle on top of lays flat once the bed it unravelled but is useful to use when carrying the bed.

This foldable mat is so great for outdoor enthusiasts, travellers, and campers who love to bring their dogs with them! The outer layer of this genius bed is water resistant so you don't need to worry about some rough weather here and there.

This bed is obviously so convenient but we understand that your dog deserves the very best so we make sure that this bed is made with ultra soft and warm plush. This material helps keep your dog warm and relaxed all day!

The quality of this smart bed is also outstanding! The stitching and construction is professional and will last a lot longer than the standard dog mat/bed from anywhere else! 


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