Waterproof Dog Coat - Quilted Warm Zip-Up
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Waterproof Dog Coat - Quilted Warm Zip-Up hook
dog puffer jacket sizing guide
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Waterproof Dog Coat - Quilted Warm Zip-Up Pink
Waterproof Dog Coat - Padded Warm Zip-Up Green
Waterproof Dog Coat - Quilted Warm Zip-Up Red
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Waterproof Dog Coat - Quilted Warm Zip-Up Blue

Waterproof Dog Coat - Quilted Warm Zip-Up

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Quilted, padded & waterproof puffer jacket!

Easy for you to take on and off!

Keep your pet warm and dry!

Ultra Comfort:

Smooth materials - your cuddly friend is safe from irritation
Tested - materials are safe for pets to use
No itchy or disturbing materials
quilted & padded for warmth


Windproof and waterproof
Keeps your pet's body warm
No need to use a blanket
Padded and water repellent
Suitable to use in wind & rain


Built to last
Created with comfort and style in mind
Durable enough to withstand poor weather conditions, wear and tear
Available in red, blue, orange, green and pink for added personality!

Size Info:

Measure your pet before you order. 

Please make sure you order in the correct size.

Suitable for all dog and puppy breeds (as long as your measurements corresponds with the sizing guide).

Puffer pet jacket sizing guide

About Waterproof Dog Coat:

This dog jacket is the perfect addition to your pet's closet, especially if they enjoy the outdoors. The quilted dog coat is waterproof so it works perfectly when you go out on a walk or take your cute boy/girl out to play!

It is padded and water does not go through the tough nylon material so your dog stays dry. The weatherproof feature also keeps your dog warm in cold, harsh environments. You can use this jacket in all seasons as well because the material is designed to regulate body temperature! This means that your dog won't be too cold in the winter and they won't be too hot in the summer - just right.

We made this pet jacket available in a range of colours so you can choose which one suits your family member the best! The coat is also available in a broad range of sizes so that many dog breeds can experience the benefits that this piece of clothing has to offer.

The zip up design makes it way easier for you to put on and take off the coat. The colours also help your dog stand out!


Due to extremely high demand, shipping will be delayed by 8-12 days. Please allow 14-25 days for the package to arrive at your door.

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