Hooded Dog Winter Jacket
Hoodie Winter Pet Jacket
Hooded Dog Winter Coat
Hooded Dog Winter Jacket Moustache Logo
Hooded Dog Winter Grey Jacket with dog
Hooded Dog Winter dark blue Jacket with dog
Hooded Dog Winter Jacket sizing guide
Hooded Dog Winter Jacket dark blue
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Hooded Dog Winter Jacket

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Winter coat is made from ultra soft cotton material!

Designed to keep your pet warm in the winter!

Hoodie design with cloth makes your pet more fashionable and stand out!

Extremely soft to make sure your dog is comfortable!


Created with style in mind

Attractive colours

Cotton inside

Hooded jacket

Button up coat

*Moustache Logo


Made from durable materials

Ultra soft cotton

Keeps your cuddly friend warm and comfortable

Available in dark blue or grey

Water resistant

2 leg holes and button up design

Vest can be put on your pet quickly and easily

Size Info:

Measure your pet before you order.

Please make sure you order in the correct size.

Suitable for all dog and puppy breeds (as long as your measurements corresponds with the sizing guide).

Hooded Dog Winter Jacket Sizing Guide

About Hooded Dog Winter Jacket:

This is one of our best selling dog jackets. This coat is fashionable, casual, warm, and water resistant! This hoodie is also great for smaller dog breeds such as dachshunds, terriers, beagles, bulldogs, shihtzus, pugs, poodles and more.

Each hooded coat is made from high quality, anti tear materials. These jackets were designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. The outer layer has a canvas like, tough texture. This is great because water droplets roll off of it. The outside also has a quality embroidered badge and a moustache logo. These jackets really make your dog stand out!

This hoodie is water resistant and windproof so your don't have to worry about taking your cuddly friend outside or being in rainy, poor weather. The inner layer is made from soft and comfortable cotton. This fluffy and warm layer keeps your dog comfortable even when the outer temperature is really cold! 

This winter dog hoodie is also convenient because it button up. This way, you can easily put on and take off the coat as a normal jacket without worries. The jacket is also sleeveless which is way more convenient for putting on and taking off the hoodie.


Due to extremely high demand, shipping will be delayed by 8-12 days. Please allow 14-25 days for the package to arrive at your door.

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