Navy blue and white dot bow tie dog collar and leash
Navy blue and white dot bow tie dog collar
Blue and white dog leash

Blue Dot Bow Tie Dog Collar & Leash

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Premium pet collar & leash with cute bow!

Premium white dot & blue base leash/collar!

Machine washable polka dot collar & lead!

Ultra Comfort:

Cuddly friend is safe from irritation

Tested - materials are safe for pets to use

Adjustable collar for custom fit

100% cotton designer fabric


Built to last

Created with comfort and style in mind

Metal collar buckle

Cute & fashionable bow tie

Blue & white dot pattern

Fabric is sewn on high quality cotton

All hardware is heavy duty

D-rings are welded for strength and durability

Size Info:

Measure your pet before you order.

Please make sure you order in the correct size.

Please leave 2 fingers between dog's skin and collar for relaxed fit.


Width: 1.6cm

Adjustable Neck Size: 20 - 30cm



Width: 2cm

Adjustable Neck Size: 25 - 40cm



Width: 2.5cm

Adjustable Neck Size: 20 - 55cm



Width: 3cm

Adjustable Neck Size: 40 - 66cm



Width: 3.8cm

Adjustable Neck Size: 40 - 66cm

Leash Sizes:

XS =1/2" x 4ft (1.3cm x 122cm)

S= 3/4 " x 4ft (1.9cm x 122cm)

M= 3/4" x 5ft (1.9cm x 152cm)

L= 1" x 5ft (2.6cm x 152cm)

XL=1" x 5ft (2.6cm x 152cm)

About Bow Tie Blue & White Polka Dot Collar & Leash:

These beautiful accessories are perfect for walks, social occasions (both casual and dress occasions) and for your adorable pet making a fashion statement.

With 100% cotton materials, the bow collars and leads are durable enough for pets to wear everyday without tears or scuffs appearing. The soft designer fabrics also keep your dog comfortable and makes sure they enjoy wearing it. These accessories were designed carefully by our best artists and each individual piece is carefully handmade with love and care!

The basic blue base bow tie is perfect for all dog breeds and looks great! The appealing white dots scattered all over the leads and collars make your dog or puppy look ultra cute and helps show how unique they are. After all, your pet is one of their kind so why should he/she not stand out?

The collars and leashes are completely machine washable which means that if they get dirty at all, you can simply throw them in the washing machine among your own clothes and everything with be fine. We made the d-ring (allows you to attach the leash to the collar), and the leash quick clip with heavy duty and anti rust materials so that you won't have to worry about walking outside in harsher environments.


Due to extremely high demand, shipping will be delayed by 8-12 days. Please allow 14-25 days for the package to arrive at your door.

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