“A dog will teach you, unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won't be too bad.” - Robert Wagner. 

These eyes hold so much love!

All of us who have a dog as a pet can understand and relate to Wagner’s words. Our dogs make our lives peaceful. After a hard day at work or a rough dinner with the family, it’s our dogs who make us forget all the stress. Your dog will sense when you are sad, will sit in your lap, wag his/her tail and will cheer you up as a responsibility.

Things are much better when you have a dog as your best pal, aren’t they?

However, sometimes things get a little difficult..

Each relationship comes with difficulties. With a dog, you may have to face the problem of behavioral changes. Dogs can exhibit aggression, anxiety, excessive barking, chewing, nipping and whining in public. Especially the aggressive breeds.

It was believed that the large, scary-looking breeds of dogs were aggressive, like Pitbulls, Terriers, Dobermans, etc. But recent studies have revealed that a dog’s size or appearance has little or next to none relation with the behavior. Even the little, cutest, cuddliest Chihuahuas can turn out to be aggressive. Many factors influence this aggression in dogs. Their breed being one, and the environment they are bred in being second. 

When training a dog, punishment simply doesn't work

To overcome this problem, many training techniques have been used in the past. Aversive techniques used to be the most popular ones. Even with the advent of modern dog training methods, people still use punishments and negative reinforcements.

The effects of these punishments can lead to disastrous consequences, depending upon the nature of the individual dog. People use choke collars, chains, prongs and even shocks to train dogs. The dog is sprayed with water or shocked with electricity every time he/she performs an undesirable act.

Studies conducted in 1997 by Beerda, Roll, and Unshelm showed that negative reinforcements lead to sufferings and psychological stress to dogs, which it can be expressed as aggression towards other dogs.

A big NO!

Due to these detrimental effects, researchers are seeking aid in positive reinforcements. A study done in the United Kingdom by Hiby, Rooney, and Bradshaw showed that 77.8% of dogs respond upon calling them with the help of reward and only 1.9% respond through punishments. Similarly, 63.3% of the dogs in the study left/gave up an object they were chewing on by reward training. This study should be a clear-cut indication for the use of positive reinforcement in dog training.

So, what's the best dog training methods?

Some methods and gadgets can be used for positive reinforcement for the training of dogs. Even dogs, like the Chinese Sher Pai, who are famous for fights, have been successfully trained to be household pets via these techniques: Clicker training, whisper training, puppy house training, obedience training, all can be done at home. You have to make a schedule and adhere to it. You also need to monitor your dog closely and come up with cues or words to express your pleasure or disappointment.

Just shaking your head in disapproval will be much more effective than punishing a dog. It will not be causing him/her psychological stress but will teach your dog that you did not approve of the mistake.

Anti Bite Dog Muzzle: No Biting, no Pain!

Use of Dog Muzzles is an approved and appreciated way to prevent your dog from biting. Having a muzzle will put your mind at ease while traveling with your dog, but without causing any pain or discomfort to him/her. These will be soft on your dog’s skin and easy on your pocket as well!

Bungee Dog Leash, soft material for the soft fur!

You can also use No-Pull Stretch leashes and harnesses for your dogs. The benefit of these lies in their flexibility. They will help you in preventing your dog from wandering around and disappearing, but will not cause physical pain to the dog by pulling the neck or hurting the spine.

The Bungee Dog Leash/Lead at classycustomspets.com is our best, most durable product for this purpose. It is anti-shock and made up of stretchable nylon. It also a free clicker for training purposes. 

The benefits of using pain-free, rewarding techniques and gadgets are manifold. Your dog does not have to suffer from excruciating ache, skin ulcers, psychological stress or spine ailments. A happy and well-treated dog will reciprocate the feelings and will respond to your care with love. So, in conclusion, you will become a happier, more satisfied person. A happy dog only belongs to a happy owner. As Friedman said, “Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.” Love your dogs. Take proper care of them. Train them ethically. Buy the best products for them. Be as good to them as you want them to be to you. Love begets love!